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 Why did God create both good and evil?

 Does anything happen that God did not plan?

 Can anything stop Godís plan?

 Did God originally plan for man to live forever in the flesh?

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For too long, many have preached and taught the word of God with a great deal of inconsistency. As a result, mankind is drifting away from the knowledge of God. Therefore, I found it reasonable to write about some of the things that are separating us from the knowledge of God; in the hope that we may have a better knowledge of our Creator.

Some of our so-called ministers and religious leaders have drifted so far away from the word of God that in many events today, they have no explanation whatsoever. This is because, what they would say, would contradict what they had said in the pastóthis leads them to stay mute instead of contradicting themselves and their understanding and integrity been questioned. In other cases, they intentionally mislead the people to maintain their own integrity so as to defraud the people. Please note that we are all developing in the knowledge of Godóno one knows it all.

This book is intended to bring you close to the understanding of the Kingdom of Heaven and to give you a balanced understanding about the kingdom of Heaven. The book intends to justify God in ALL that He has done and to expose the weaknesses of the human understanding about the kingdom of Heaven. Take a journey with me to a place called Truth and Revelation. At the end of this journey, you will have a better understanding about the Kingdom of God, and you will have better answers to questions such as:

Why did God create the heaven and the earth, especially the earth?

Why did He create man and beast?

Did God have certain expectation when He created man and beast?

Did God predefine the purpose of His creations before He created them? If so, does God change His mind when you refuse to do what is expected?

Why did God create both good and evil? Is evil also good, and itís just that we have not understood it?

Does God actually know the future at all times?

Does anything happen that God did not plan?

Can you refuse evil God has asked you to do?

Does anything happen without God?

Does God create each person for a specific purpose?

Can anything stop Godís plan?

Why do people die?

Did God originally plan for man to live forever in the flesh?

Has the human brain fully grown to the point God wanted it?

These and many more complex questions will be answered by the time you have finished reading this book. The book outlines whether or not God is the God of everything or whether Heís the God of just some things and not others. That is, whether God is the good, the bad, and the ugly.



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The Acts of God: The good, the bad, and the ugly.