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Christianity / Charity or Socialism

In a recent debate, one political party is trying to change how healthcare is managed; another is trying to protect Capitalism nonsense. Why are we even debating whether we should provide healthcare to everyone or not? Are we not civilized and wealthy enough as a nation? A civilized and wealthy nation such as the United States should not only provide military services and good roads to her people. A civilized society advanced for that matter, must provide military and many more basic services for her people. A civilized society should expand her reach and do other things without seeking profit. A civilized society such as the United States must endeavor to provide services such as healthcare to her people. How much did Jesus charge those He healed? Zero! Can Christianity live alongside Capitalism? Yes! After all, the Christian lifestyle is about freedom. However, if your meaning of Capitalism is capitalizing on the helpless – taking advantage of others, you are not a Christian. The Christian lifestyle is not about capitalizing on the weak or the fatherless or the motherless, but to care for them. You must open your home to the homeless and feed the hungry. You must protect those that are weak.

Carefully consider the two major political parties (Republicans and Democrats) in the United States, who is more Christian-like? Which party has the characteristics of the Christian body? The Republican Party will easily accuse the Democrats of raising taxes; meanwhile, the only economics the Republican Party knows is cutting taxes – bring any Republican and ask him/her, how are you going to balance the budget? The first answer you will get is ‘tax cuts’. Granted, each party looks for ways to entice voters; the only thing the Republican Party will promise is to cut taxes and accuse the Democrats for raising taxes. While the Democrats will not proclaim that they will raise taxes, they are also not reluctant to mention the great things that they will do in the society with tax collections. How do you cut taxes and still able to do the necessary social services that will benefit the least in the society? It is obvious that such move will abandon the least among us. This is not the Christian lifestyle and it is not the Christian view of the future – a future that looks for the oneness of everything. A future that no one is claiming this is mine or that is mine (read the life of the early Christians in Acts below). The argument that no one wants their taxes to be raised is valid; however, is this not what the Church supposed to do? To collect and meet the needs of those people who are in need of help? I mean, which of the two parties is into the Christian business? We all know that in a society, there are the haves and the have-nots. Forget about the Christian view for a moment, as a civilized society, are we not supposed to provide for the have-nots? Republicans have so deceived the Christian body about looking at other peoples faults, judging others on what they are doing wrong rather than loving them or showing them love. Is it not through love that we can win a soul? Or can we win souls by judging them? Oh, the Democrats do not care about what someone does with his/her life and the Republicans are against abortion, homosexuality and so on and so forth. Is that what should be the guiding principle for Christians? Are we not supposed to love, provide for those who are weak among us so that we may win them over in love regardless of their fault? Can we save them by judging them? Can we save them by criticizing them? It is time for the Christian body to find its mission and start partnering with those who are in the business of loving and caring for those in need and those who are weak among us. It is time for the Body of Truth to start partnering with those who can effectively do the collection and meet the needs of the have-nots among us. READ MORE

PRINCE AREMI AMACHREE is the author of “The Acts of God: The good, the bad, and the ugly”, he’s a member of Living Stone Bible Church and a rotating Coordinator at the Church’s “School of Wisdom” located in Union, NJ where he inspires other believers. As a Bible scholar, he spends much of his time studying the Word of God in order to better understand the things and ways of God.

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Christianity or Socialism?


The Purpose of the Christian Body


This is a true saying, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning. Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made. In him was life, and that life was the light of men. The light shines in the darkness, but the darkness has not understood[a] it.” John 1:1-5 (NIV).

In the beginning of the Christian life (the life inspired and being led by Jesus Christ), the early Church found the ultimate truth in the message that was given to them by the Word. It is a life led by love – love that has no boundaries or limits; love that judge not; love that discriminate not; love that is not self seeking or self centered; a love that cares. These Christians lived a selfless lifestyle as was recorded in the book of Acts (see below: The Character of a Christian). Today, we are in the middle of a crossroad where innovation, capitalism, profit, greed, and the pursuit of self perseverance have been confused with the Christian faith and the lifestyle thereof. Is Christianity dead? Can politics, profit seekers, greediness, and selfishness overcome the Christian faith and lifestyle? Why are my Christian brothers and sisters following corrupted politicians, capitalist greeds, and selfish individuals and living as though they have abandoned the faith?

A long time ago, I heard and knew of a political party that claimed to share the Christian values – the Republican Party; they sought and benefited from the Christian vote and enjoyed seasons of power. Today, the party is led by politicians like John Boehner who is like a tattoo in a black skin – disgusting. The party is revealed to be deceptive, full of lies and destructions. Never in the history of the Republican Party has anyone exposed them in this magnitude – filled with destructive agenda. They have befriended the Christian body only for the vote – not for the purpose of the Christian agenda which is meeting the needs of those that are needy among us. The body of Christ (the Church) must not have a partnership with such party or institution. There is no willingness in supporting any domestic agenda from the Republican Party; regardless of what is being proposed domestically, the Republicans will oppose it for one reason or another.


Republican long heads like Sean Hannity; that fox thinks he can deceive everyone and get away with it. His co-conspirators like Rush Limbaugh the noise maker, and the rest of the clowns – among them is the low level demon, Bill O’Reilly and Ben Stein, the foul spirit. Another one of them is Bill Crystal who is only driven by greed. There are many like him – very intelligent; however, their motives are always driven by greed. There are some I don’t even consider having the human intellect – Social parasites like Glenn Beck and many others – they talk without knowledge. They spread false rumors and lies like wild fire. Those who hire them know they are worth nothing – they can be fired without any lose; however, it is worth keeping them for short term gains. These are the children of destruction; they get in the way of progress; they are enemies of society; and their father is the devil – the devil came to steal and to destroy. They are sent to do their father’s work; they lie and mislead their followers and listeners for short term political gains which will come to nothing and will end even before them. Such are the people who are feeding my brothers and sisters in the Lord. Are these the people Christians want to follow or listen to? We must break the curse. Let me raise the alarm for my Christian brothers and sisters, stay away from destructive Republicans, they are like wolves in sheep’s clothing. Christians are the last audience standing with this party. I said Christians are the last hope for the Republican Party. If Christians cannot recognize this exposed wolf at this time, I’m not sure which wolf they will recognize.